Ford readies 5 new EVs for Europe, but warns on viability

Ford has 5 electric cars ready to tap the European market, but warns that the technology is still too expensive and range is still too limited.

Still too expensive and limited in range?

EVs a minor niche through the next decade

Ford will roll out 5 plug-in electric cars over the next five years in Europe, but the automaker doesn't believe there will be a big consumer shift to electrics any time soon.

“Frankly the technology needs to get better, with a longer range … and the cost has got to come down. And there's the infrastructure — where are you going to charge your car?” asked Stephen Odell, chairman and CEO of Ford Europe, at the Paris Motor Show according to AFP.

According to Odell, average EV range would only be about 62 miles and it could take up to “14 or 15″ hours to fully charge electric cars.

Consequently, Odell doesn't expect a big uptick in EV sales within the next decade.

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