An E5 blend of 95% gasoline and 5% cellulosic ethanol is premiering at 100 filling stations across Denmark. Made available by Statoil, the Bio95 2G mixture uses ethanol derived from wheat straw collected on Danish fields after harvest and produced by DONG Inbicon, using enzyme technology from Novozymes.

Long a grand vision of the future, next-generation biofuel is now coming to market to fulfill its promises. The industry has delivered and we’re now sending a strong signal to policy-makers that their support for this exciting technology is required if all our citizens are to benefit from it

—Steen Riisgaard, CEO of Novozymes

Novozymes used the deployment of the blend to call for coherent and supportive policy frameworks worldwide. Specifically, the company said, in the EU there is a need for an ambitious 2020 mandate for next-generation biofuel, incentives for the collection of farming residues, as well as tax breaks for investments.

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