Toyota has been hinting that it will expand the Prius lineup to include more than just the current sedan. A natural progression seems to be a more spacious, larger family vehicle, not quite a mini-van, and not quite a station wagon, but something in the middle. A Prius MPV, if you will.

The plan was for Toyota to unveil this Prius MPV at the Detroit Auto Show in January. Pictures of this MPV have leaked on to the Internet though. So is this the Prius MPV, and if so…do you like it?

We already saw some pictures of the outline of the MPV Prius on a billboard, behind a regular Prius. There have also been sightings of a test mule running around. Apparently the Prius MPV will be driven by the same 1.8 liter four-banger in the current Prius, though with a hefty horsepower bump from 98 ponies to 138. This will help haul the family and cargo without feeling underpowered (I hope).

The question then, is will this Prius MPV manage to maintain the lofty fuel efficiency we have come to expect from the world’s best-selling hybrid. More to the point though, is this a vehicle you could see your family in?

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