The Lincoln MKZ hybrid looks fantastic.

A new luxury hybrid standard?

A head turning hybrid

Was running some errands this morning when I passed a Lincoln MKZ hybrid. What an impressive looking car!

Already the Ford Fusion hybrid is a pretty good looking sedan – the best looking hybrid sedan so far, in my opinion. However, the silver MKZ hybrid I saw this morning blows the Fusion hybrid away.

Now, compared to other MKZ hybrids I’ve seen thus far, this MKZ appeared to offer much better rims, or maybe it was just the way the silver rims came together with the silver paint and fascia. Fortunately, considering the car had manufacturer’s license plates, I’m assuming the same rims will be offered as an upgrade for all buyers if they were different.

At $34,330 the MKZ hybrid shouldn’t have any problems conquesting some Lexus hybrid buyers from what I saw. Looking forward to getting behind the wheel of one of these hybrid cars to see if the driving experience is as noteworthy as the styling.

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