Maybe the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid isn’t so bad

Porsche will launch the Cayenne S hybrid in November.

Appease your vanity and be green?

Trying to find good in a 23 mpg hybrid

Porsche. Many years ago I believed that a Porsche in my driveway would be proof of my success. Then my conscience developed and my materialistic desires lessened. Still, a Porsche could be my one vice, right?

Then came 9/11 and I knew I could never have one. While I have no qualms with those whom own a Porsche – virtually all of us are foreign oil guzzlers one way or another – I just can't be responsible for that kind of egregious gas-guzzling. Man, maybe a lobotomy would make life a lot easier, at least more enjoyable!?

Anyway, it's Friday. So, I'm going to start the day with a little positivism (mostly because I have some serious negativity to follow later).

So, what's so good about a 23 mpg Porsche hybrid?

Increased fuel economy and less emissions, of course. Plus, possible hybrid and battery-powered advancement via the wonderful engineers at Porsche. As Smurf likes to say, the more hybrid choices the better, and he's right.

Plus, plug-in Porsche hybrids are just around the corner. Consequently, a Porsche in my driveway is still a theoretical possibility. Thus,  a clean and green path to appeasing my childhood vanities is yet possible. Woooohoooo!

Anyhow, the Porsche Cayenne S hybrid goes on sale in November at a starting price of $68,675.

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