Better MPGs with LPG in the Kia Forte hybrid

Would love to see the Kia Forte hybrid come to America, but why only a propane version?

A back up for your BBQ

Is there a propane niche in the auto industry?

When I found out that Kia was showing off a Forte hybrid at SEMA, I was excited. Then I learned it was an LPG, or propane in this country, fueled hybrid. Why?

If one were to pick an alternative fuel wouldn't natural gas be better?

Regardless, wouldn't the auto industry be better off today if it were more flexible in terms of alternative fuel accommodation?

While it would be easy to say no to such flexibility because of the cost cutting that scale provides, the auto world is changing. Inevitably, emerging markets are certain to force ever more alternative fuel capabilities.

Nevertheless, the Forte hybrid is just another example of the flexibility that hybrid technology provides. Gas, diesel, natural gas and LPG. Hybrid cars can accommodate all of them.

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