The Chevy Volt’s New Clothes

Yesterday I talked about how Toyota was tarting up the Prius in a fancy body kit to give Prius owners a chance to “personalize” their cars. Whether or not they succeeded is yet to be seen, though in terms of adding any actual performance, the Prius PLUS fails.

Not to be discouraged, Chevy has introduced their own tarted up version of the Chevy Volt. Called the “Z-Spec”, this is only a concept now, though GM is considering building it for production. So should they?

GM has actually built three concept cars for the 2010 SEMA show under the “Z-Spec” moniker. Besides the Volt, the Cruze and upcoming Spark microcar are also dressed to impress.

The Volt Z-Spec is a looks-only package, starting with a custom “Icy White” paint job. The front and rear fascia, tail lights,  lower rocker panels, graphics package, 19″ aluminum wheels and blacked out grille with a “Chevy bar” just about do it for exterior modifications. On the inside, a leather-wrapped steering wheel with the Z-Spec logo takes center stage (along with Z-Spec floor mats). Leather-trimmed Recaro seats and “racing-style” pedals round out this package, which has a decidedly “sporty” flair.

Aside from the lower look and bigger wheels…this package doesn't make all that much difference to the Volt's looks. Just kinda “meh”.

What say you though? Did GM score a hit, or miss big time with this concept package for the Volt?

Source: Green Car Advisor

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