Air Products commercializes Heartland Hydrogen Pipeline in Canada

Air Products, and its subsidiary Air Products Canada Ltd., announced that its Heartland Hydrogen Pipeline in Alberta, Canada has been commercialized and is supplying customers linked to the 30-mile pipeline with product. Air Products also announced two additional long-term supply contracts off the pipeline with Dow Chemical Canada ULC and Evonik Degussa Canada Inc. Hydrogen is a major feedstock for bitumen upgrading.

The pipeline is fed by Air Products’ two hydrogen production facilities in Strathcona County near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The hydrogen will be used by Dow at its polyethylene operations in Fort Saskatchewan, while Evonik Degussa will use the hydrogen feed at its hydrogen peroxide facility in Gibbons, Alberta. In March 2010, Air Products had announced long-term hydrogen supply contracts via pipeline with Shell Canada Energy, Sherritt International Corporation, and Williams Energy (Canada) Inc.

The hydrogen system followed existing pipelines to minimize the need for environmental disturbances for approximately 95 percent of its path. Where we had to alter the route, we undertook stringent environmental assessments and made careful selections. The result is a hydrogen pipeline that is able to meet the current and future needs of multiple industries in the area.

—Steve Losby, general manager–Canada, Air Products

In addition to this pipeline in the Alberta Industrial Heartland, Air Products also has a hydrogen pipeline in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, and operates the largest hydrogen pipeline network in the United States’ Gulf Coast, as well as pipeline systems in California in the US and in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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