Chery Readies Its First Electric Car for China

Almost two years ago, Chinese automaker Chery unveiled the S18 electric car concept. That concept is now a reality, preparing to enter a car-hungry market at a time when the government is handing generous incentives to green car buyers.

This all-electric M1-EV is pretty impressive for an EV virgin like Chery. There seems to be some confusion on the Internet about the exact stats of this new EV, with a range somewhere between 60 and 90 miles, and a top speed around 75 mph. While official pricing has not been released, China Car Times says it is priced between $22,000 and $35,000 U.S. dollar bills.

Depending on the size of the battery (likely designated by the five different models) the M1-EV could get up to a $9,000 government incentive to buy it. That would price it ahead of the Volt, and put it right in the range of the Leaf (if it really cost $35,000). No word on when exactly it goes on sale, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of other EV’s coming out of China in the next few years. China is buying more cars than America, and with more generous incentives, setting up China to be a leader in electric vehicle sales and production. It is only a matter of time before they start exporting them to America too.

Sources: Chery | China Car Times

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