World Gasification Database now available from DOE; global capacity at 70,817 MWth

A database just released by the US Department of Energy (DOE) documents the worldwide growth of gasification, the expected technology of choice for future coal-based plants that produce power, fuels, and/or chemicals with lower emissions.

Worldwide gasification capacity and planned growth by product. Source: NETL. Click to enlarge.

The 2010 Worldwide Gasification Database, a collection of gasification plant data, describes the current world gasification industry and identifies near-term planned capacity additions. The database reveals that the worldwide gasification capacity has continued to grow for the past several decades and is now at 70,817 megawatts thermal (MWth) of syngas output at 144 operating plants with a total of 412 gasifiers.

Gasification is a technological process that uses heat, pressure, and steam to convert any carbon-based raw material into synthesis gas (syngas). Gasification is in use in more than 27 industrialized countries.

The new database is available in Microsoft Excel format. Compiled by the Office of Fossil Energy's National Energy Technology Laboratory, in collaboration with members of the Gasification Technologies Council, the database includes information about syngas capacity, feedstock, product, gasifier technology, plant owner/operator, and location for all gasification plants worldwide.

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