Electrification Coalition to release Fleet Electrification Roadmap on Monday; PRTM sees GE action as catalyst for other fleets

With GE’s announcement today of its intended purchase of 25,000 electric drive vehicles by 2015 as a backdrop (earlier post), members of the Electrification Coalition will release a Fleet Electrification Roadmap on Monday, 15 Nov.

The roadmap provides an analysis of the advantages, challenges, and policies necessary to spur electric drive technology in commercial and government vehicle fleets, and discusses the current state of bipartisan electrification efforts in Washington and beyond.

Global management consulting firm PRTM partnered with the EC to develop the fleet roadmap (similar to how they partnered with the EC on the original Electrification Roadmap in 2009 (earlier post). That roadmap called for 75% of light-duty vehicle miles traveled in the US to be electric by 2040.

Today’s announcement by GE regarding the purchase of 25,000 electric vehicles is significant, as this action will likely serve as the catalyst for other fleets. Additionally, we believe that GE’s action is a critical step in the role that fleets can play in utilizing more than 20% of the announced battery manufacturing capacity by 2015, thus helping accelerate the scale-driven cost reductions in advanced batteries.

—Oliver Hazimeh, Partner and head of the global e-Mobility Practice at PRTM

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