Toyota/Tesla Rav4 To Debut at L.A. Auto Show

Toyota made waves this summer when they announced a strategic alliance with Tesla. Toyota infused $60 million into Tesla, and together the two will develop an all-electric Rav4, which will debut at the L.A. Auto Show.

Tesla and Toyota have been coy on the subject of the electric Rav4, though rumors have been swirling since their partnership was announced. They didn’t bother to give out any details on the electric Rav4 either, but hopefully they will have something good to share with us besides these two pictures. An all-electric Rav4 could hit showrooms as early as 2012.

I'm guessing the electric Rav4 will have a range not quite that of the Tesla Roadster (as there is a substantial weight difference) but probably in the range of 150-170 miles. If Toyota can keep the price under $50,000, they might have a winner.

Source: Toyota

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