Guardian. declined significantly, now standing at 62% down from 80% in 2006 and 71% in 2009.

The numbers of those interested in where Britain’s electricity comes from have also slipped back, according to a survey commissioned by the energy company EDF, demonstrating what appears to be growing consumer complacency in an era of electric-powered gadgetry.

Other recent polls have recorded a similar drop in public alarm about the imminence of climate-triggered disaster. The number of climate change agnostics—those unsure whether human activity is warming the planet—has risen from 25% in 2007 to 33% now. There may be many reasons for the change. Failure to reach agreement on fresh emissions targets at the Copenhagen climate summit, the furore over the leaking of global warming data from the University of East Anglia and the recent cold weather may all have contributed to confusion around the issue.

The poll also found that resistance to building new nuclear power stations appears to be slackening.