Bob Lutz, newly retired as vice chairman of General Motors, irectors-94748764.html”>joined the board of directors of Transonic Combustion, Inc., a start-up developing a supercritical fuel injection system (earlier post).

Transonic Combustion is on course to directly supply global automotive manufacturers with its high efficiency fuel injection systems. Transonic’s TSCi fuel injection system has demonstrated significant gains in fuel economy and lower emissions while running gasoline effectively within modern diesel architecture engines, with the long-term promise of running zero-net bio renewable fuels.

For the foreseeable future, the internal combustion engine will remain the dominant propulsion system for automobiles and there is still a lot of room to improve its efficiency. Customers and manufacturers want better fuel economy, lower emissions and a great vehicle experience all at an attractive price. Transonic’s new supercritical fuel injection technology can greatly improve engine efficiency and potentially become the new industry standard.

—Bob Lutz

Before returning to GM, Lutz was CEO of Exide Corp. from 1998 to 2001. Previously with Chrysler Corp., for 12 years, Lutz held the posts of vice chairman, president, chief operation officer and executive vice president. Previously, he served for 12 years with Ford Motor Co., three years with BMW and eight years with GM.