Finland-based European Batteries Oy held the grand opening of its new lithium-ion battery plant which manufactures large format prismatic 42 Ah, 3.2V LiFePO4 (LFP) cells, modules, packs and systems earlier this month.

The annual production capacity is 100 MWh—enough for 3.000 full-electric cars, the company says. Plans have already been made to triple both production capacity and the number of employees.

The plant was built by the engineering and construction company M+W Group (until 2009: M+W Zander).

M+W Group has developed a concept for planning and building lithium-ion battery plants, in which all the process stages are linked modularly under one roof. The multiple use of building infrastructure means that considerable cost savings can be achieved. For example, heat generated during individual process stages is used for air dehumidification and air conditioning.