The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid has been delayed, much as the Tesla Roadster was in the past. A bad reminder for Tesla IPO investors?

It’s just not that easy

A bad Roadster reminder?

The first time I heard of Tesla I was extremely impressed and excited. Eventually, however, the extreme over-promising and constant under-delivering executed under ex-CEO Martin Eberhard grew tiresome and annoying. Delay after delay after delay.

Now, could a delay by plug-in maker Fisker remind Tesla IPO investors that building plug-in vehicles from scratch is no easy business?

Obviously, Tesla has worked out many of the kinks that caused previous delays. Still, the company has yet to produce a profit, despite spending almost $300 million thus far, and the business case for profitable electric cars still appears to be a long term business plan.

Consequently, could Fisker’s delay of the Karma plug-in hybrid remind investors of the uphill battle that start-up automakers face? Or, will Toyota’s Tesla investment, for instance, be enough to squash such concerns?

Will Tesla be the next Tucker, or the next Toyota? That answer might not be resolved for many years, but starting tomorrow the picture will become a bit clearer.