In yet another sign of the rapidly developing electric vehicle market, Korea-based CT&T has reached a milestone in its plans to manufacture its all-electric eZONE passenger car in the U.S.  Last fall the company announced that it would build a series of factories in the U.S. based on its proprietary regional assembly and sales model, and it looks like Spartanburg County, South Carolina will host the first one.  Teamed with project management specialists 2AM Group LLC, the new factory represents an investment of $21 million that will bring 370 new jobs to the area within the next five years.

The word from CT&T’s was just one in a flurry of electric vehicle announcements last week, which included GM’s launch of a cross country tour for the Chevy Volt, the release of a sketch of BMW’s new electric car, and an announcement from Volkswagen that it will bring its E-UP! electric car to the U.S. within the next couple of years.