Want to find a good deal on a hybrid? The Mercury Milan is one of the best hybrids to haggle over price.

Hard to get off the lot

Stagnant hybrid inventory

There are few things auto dealerships hate more than inventory that sticks around forever, and in June a few hybrid cars were either on the list of Cars.com’s “Loser’s List”, or close to it.

The Mercury Milan hybrid made the stagnant inventory list at 90 days, meaning it takes 90 days on average to sell a Milan hybrid.

Likewise, while the Honda Insight hybrid didn’t make the ‘losers’ list, it was close at 80 days.

Thus, if you’re in the market to buy a hybrid car, it might be worth checking out these two hybrid cars. Often times, dealers would rather cut a deal to move these vehicles rather than keep them on their lots or send them off to another dealership.