BorgWarner will supply its regulated two-stage turbocharging (R2S) technology (earlier post) to MAN for engines used to power medium-duty trucks and urban buses in the Latin American market beginning in 2012.

To meet growing demand for increased power output and reduced emissions, MAN will use BorgWarner’s turbocharging system for its common-rail, four-cylinder and six-cylinder diesel engines with displacements of 4.6 and 6.9 liters and nominal power output of 180 hp to 290 hp (132 kW-213 kW). Produced at BorgWarner’s facility in Campinas, Brazil, the optimized turbocharging system helps the new engines improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and improve performance. MAN Latin America leads the truck market in Brazil with a market share of more than 30%.

With the introduction of even stricter emission requirements in Brazil, based on Euro V standards, MAN aimed to develop engines with reduced emissions while improving torque characteristics and maintaining the same power output. BorgWarner developed the R2S turbochargers in close cooperation with MAN, which enabled optimization of the engine, resulting in increased fuel economy and performance as well as significantly reduced emissions.

The turbocharging system allows an infinitely variable adaptation of the turbine and compressor side to any engine operating point and meets stringent emission requirements without sacrificing horsepower or torque.