Enova Systems, Inc. will collaborate with Remy Inc. to develop a new electric drive system based on the Enova Omni controller and Remy HVH motor (earlier post). Remy is North America’s largest independent manufacturer of advanced electric propulsion motors.

This will allow Enova to apply its state-of-the-art Omni controller technology to Remy’s advanced new HVH permanent magnet motors to deliver a high-performance solution for hybrid and all-electric vehicles. Combined, these two technologies and the expertise behind them create a solution that will enable vehicle manufacturers and system integrators to more easily and efficiently develop reliable, high-performance drivetrains.

— Enova CEO and President Mike Staran

The companies signed a non-exclusive Letter of Intent on 30 June.

In contrast to conventional roundwire windings, the HVH stator winding uses precision-formed rectangular wires. Multiple layers of interlocking “hairpins” produce a slot fill of up to 73% vs. 40% for typical round-wire windings. This design also creates a shorter end turn space than round-wire stators, thereby reducing heat and improving the motor’s torque and power density. It also lends itself to robust construction at the connections between the conductors.

Combined, the high slot fill and shorter end turn space reduce the winding resistance causing less heat generation. The HVH windings are well-suited to liquid cooling that further enhances performance and reliability.