Phoenix Motorcars will present its newly configured Sports Utility Truck (SUT) (earlier post) at the FedFleet 2010 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, 13-15 July 2010.

The electric Sports Utility Truck can travel at freeway speeds while carrying four passengers and a full payload. Phoenix Motorcars offers a 70 mile range pack with deliveries later this year. An extended 100 mile range pack option will be available for delivery in 2011. Each solution is equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

Phoenix Motorcars will shortly begin production making initial deliveries in late 2010. Initial vehicles will be included in demonstration programs, such as those previously announced in Hawaii, and fleet operations in various locations, including California.

Phoenix Cars LLC, a Delaware company, operates under the trade name of Phoenix Motorcars. Phoenix Motorcars is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Al Yousuf LLC and is headquartered in Ontario, California.

Founded in Dubai in 1953, Al Yousuf LLC has become one of the leading commercial groups in the United Arab Emirates.