Peugeot previewed its new 508 sedan, to be introduced and the Paris Motor Show in October, and due to go onsale at the beginning of 2011. The 508 will feature the new e-HDi system (new-generation Stop & Start with improved driveability and

economy). It will also feature, a few months after launch, HYbrid4

technology, with its 147 kW (200 bhp) and all-wheel drive potential. (Earlier post.)


The 508. Click to enlarge.

Peugeot’s HYbrid4 technology uses a parallel architecture combining a diesel engine, electric motor, 6-speed electronically controlled manual gearbox (MCP) and a stop-start system.

The HYbrid4 is a “through-the-road” hybrid system. The engine in the HYbrid4 system is in the front of the vehicle, while the power electronics and electric machine are at the rear, enabling four-wheel drive: the engine drives the front wheels, while the electric motor, placed within the rear suspension linkage, drives the rear wheels. Everything is managed electronically—there is no mechanical connection between the front and the rear.

The hybrid version of the 508 will offer emissions of 99 g/km of CO2 (or zero in electric mode).

Based on PSA Peugeot Citroën’s platform 3, the 508 will be produced in

Rennes-La-Janais, in France, for the European market. From 2011, the 508 will also be produced in Wuhan, China.