Electric car participants line up on the grid. It’s almost sad to see the time trial winner starting a practice session behind a converted Scion. But passing practice is always fun.

When I heard about the Refuel event, a free track day and time trial at Laguna Seca, it was literally a dream come true. I have long been a devoted aficionado of the legendary corkscrew. Really, ever since I first circled the track on the back of a friend’s Yamaha R1, I have loved this track, and for years before that I admired it as a spectator. When I first started hearing about electric motorcycles, I thought, “Wow, all those golfers that decided it would be cool to live and play golf near a racetrack and then whine about the noise should pay EV owners to do track days there.” And voilá! Speed Ventures is paying (unless an appropriate sponsor steps in), but still, the entire day was FREE for all electric vehicles. And even a natural gas turbine car. And the Stanford solar trike… Basically, as long as it’s clean and silent, it’s free. Although the electric Barca-lounger remained a pit vehicle… (more…)