BorgWarner will produce engine timing systems for Fiat Powertrain Technologies’ (FPT) new two-cylinder TwinAir engine, including the 65 hp naturally aspirated, and the 85 hp and 105 hp turbocharged variants. (Earlier post.) The only two-cylinder car engine available in Europe, the new TwinAir engine achieves the lowest emissions for a gasoline-powered car, with 95 g/km of CO2.

To achieve its goals of lower emissions and better fuel economy, FPT significantly downsized the 0.9-liter TwinAir engine compared with its 1.2-liter engine, which has similar performance characteristics, making it 23% shorter and 10% lighter. Through modeling, simulation testing and tuning, BorgWarner’s engineers developed a complete engine timing system with best-in-class small-pitch silent chain for excellent noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance, timing precision and durability with virtually no maintenance.

The total weight of the system is minimized using durable low-weight materials. Dedicated tensioner tuning, an optimized layout and an enhanced design minimize friction to help improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Due in part to its small size, low-weight and low-friction design, the new engine increases fuel economy 12% compared with FPT’s 1.2-liter engine and delivers up to 25% higher horsepower in its 85-horsepower version. Debuting in the Fiat 500 this fall, the engine is expected to be available in several other small car models.

Initially powered by gasoline or compressed natural gas, the two-cylinder TwinAir engine also has the potential for hybrid applications with start/stop technologies.