CORE BioFuel Inc., a Canadian biofuel company that is commercializing an

advanced biomass-to-gasoline production process (earlier post), has engaged RECAT Technologies to complete a pilot of gasoline production reactors.

The MKS process is a thermochemical process combining gasification and catalysts to produce an essentially carbon-neutral 92 octane gasoline (Zero Fossil Input (ZFI) Gasoline), according to the company.

Upon completion of the planned pilot activities, CORE will have demonstrated the critical gasoline production steps in the MKS (Melnichuk-Kelly-Stanko) Gasoline Synthesis Process. The data from the pilot process will provide the specifications for the catalysts to be used in the gasoline production process as well as the design parameters required by the equipment fabricators to design and build the gasoline reactors needed for production facilities.

CORE intends to use woodwaste from Pine Beetle-damaged trees, forestry slash, and mill residues in british Columbia as feedstock.

Founded in 2003, RECAT Technologies Inc., is a University of Western Ontario [UWO] affiliated spin-off, specializing in the development and commercialization of innovative Reactor Engineering and Catalytic [RECAT]