Mitsubishi Fuso has introduced a double-clutch transmission in commercial vehicles. Known as the “Duonic”, this double-clutch transmission combines automated driving with the advantages of a manual transmission.


The new double-clutch transmission for commercial vehicles drives like an automatic transmission, but unlike a fully automatic torque converter transmission, it makes for lower consumption figures and therefore lower exhaust emissions. Click to enlarge.

As with a fully automatic transmission it is a two-pedal system, there is an accelerator pedal, a brake pedal and a selector lever. The selector lever allows automatic or manual gearshift mode to be selected.

The M038S6 Duonic transmission has six forward gears and a reverse gear. The P-function ensures safe parking by preventing the vehicle from rolling away. Duonic features a non-wearing wet clutch, which lowers maintenance costs by eliminating the need to replace worn clutch discs.

A creep function has been added to the wet clutch, as is usual for automatic transmission with a torque converter. This enables the vehicle’s speed to be easily controlled when moving slowly—for example when manoeuvring or in stop-and-go traffic—and hill-starts are also made easier.

Daimler AG owns 85% of Mitsubishi Fuso shares; Fuso is an integral part of the Daimler Trucks Division of Daimler AG.