GM dealers in California plan to add $20,000 to the cost of the Chevy Volt?

MSRP + $20,000. Let the bidding begin.

Volt markups? No shock there

Before the recession, when gas prices sky-rocketed higher by the minute it seemed, dealers were marking up hybrid cars as much as possible. In the LA area, for instance, the Toyota Prius often included a $5000 dealer markup, plus many add-ons, such as dealer installed leather.

Yet, some consumers kept buying.

Well, $5000 might seem like pocket change compared to the markups coming from GM’s Volt dealerships. Because production on the Chevy Volt is going to be so limited at first, at least one GM dealer is planning to add a $20,000 dealer markup to each of the 9 Volts the dealer is to receive through 2011.

Certainly, dealers have the right to set their own prices, and since there are far more early adopters than Volts, why not make the extra cash? Most people assume their local dealer is a greedy bastard anyway, so why be surprised? Hopefully, however, some GM dealerships realize that a Volt lottery, for instance, might actually improve their sleazy image, but I guess that will be up to each dealer.

Nevertheless, how about cutting the plug-in tax credit on any plug-in that sells for a greater price than MSRP?