AVL North America announced that since January 2009, it has contributed to the development of Aptera Motors’ electric vehicle concept, Aptera 2e, an Alternative Class finalist in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE competition, through use of its vehicle system and driveline analysis tool, AVL CRUISE.

Offering various simulation and optimization capabilities, CRUISE assisted in improving efficiencies within all modes of 2e vehicle operation. By investigating performance sensitivity as it relates to driver input, the Aptera development team was able to realize the outcome of different driving techniques prior to competing in X PRIZE.

The adaptable platform also played a key role in helping Aptera to meet the competition’s safety, emissions and performance requirements.

In one example, CRUISE allowed Aptera to use real and simulated data to identify an unexplainable resistance component that led to replacement of the vehicle’s electric motor.

In addition to CRUISE, other AVL simulation tools include:

  • AVL BOOST – Thermodynamic cycle simulation, Aftertreatment and Acoustic
  • AVL EXCITE – Flexible multi-body dynamic system simulation
  • AVL FIRE – CFD for conventional and alternative powertrain development
  • AVL ADVISOR – Advanced Vehicle Simulator for conventional as well as hybrid and fuel cell vehicles