Roush Yates, one of racing’s premier designers and constructors of high-performance engines, will become an engine supplier in American Le Mans’ LMP2 starting in 2011. Its initial offering is the Ford V6 EcoBoost Turbo for installation in a variety of prototype chassis.

Chassis constructor Lola has already announced that it will offer the Roush-prepared EcoBoost as a standard installation in its open-top and coupe prototypes.

This…is another example of a manufacturer that shares our view of racing’s relationship to the showroom—using a high-performance environment such as the American Le Mans Series to develop relevant, innovative technology that can be transferred to production cars. We continue to stand alone as motorsport’s leader in manufacturer diversity and innovation, two traits that we believe were critical to Roush Yates’ decision to supply Ford engines for LMP entrants starting next season. With today’s announcement we now add another major brand to the list of LMP engine suppliers for 2011—Honda having already announced and displayed its new LMP motor at Le Mans earlier this year. The addition of Roush Yates and its Ford engine now gives LMP entrants two excellent choices with more still to come.

—Scott Atherton, Series President and CEO

Roush Yates joins a number of committed engine suppliers for LMP competition in 2011, including Honda, along with longtime Series competitors AER and Judd. With next year’s LMP2 regulations specifically targeting production-based engines with reduced horsepower and increased efficiency, other manufacturers such as BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Nissan and Toyota have each been actively rumored as potential suppliers next season as well.

In addition to the V6 EcoBoost Turbo, Roush Yates also is evaluating its Mustang V8 for LMP competition. Both the engine constructor and Lola are investigating the potential for LMP1 cars in the future, perhaps as early as next year.