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If you’re going to use hydrogen to power a vehicle, the absolute best way to get that H2 is to snag it from some waste stream somewhere. The Vancouver-based Ballard Fuel Cell Systems has announced it will something similar at a K2 Pure Solutions bleach production facility in Pittsburg, CA. Right now, when K2 makes bleach, it also generates hydrogen as a by-product. K2 used to burn the hydrogen to generate heat, but it will now feed it into a fuel cell to generate electricity at the facility using Ballard’s CLEARgen system. K2 phrases the environmental benefits this way: “K2 Pure Solutions will displace approximately 220 tons of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to removing almost 40 passenger cars from the road.”

We know that this H2 isn’t going into any fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), but Ballard is actively involved in FCVs and any time you can get “clean” hydrogen from a source that doesn’t use up any more resources, you’re one step closer to truly green driving. Is powering your H2 car this way practical today? No. Is it something to hope for in the future? Yep.

[Source: Ballard Power Systems Inc.]

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