Creative Bus Sales has opened a 30,000 sq ft facility in Elkhart, Indiana that will initially be used to perform alternative fuel conversions on buses, trucks, and vans. The process will take gasoline powered vehicles and convert them to run on propane and compressed natural gas (CNG). The operation will be conducted under the name Green Alternative Systems or GAS. The focus of the business will be to provide conversions to OEM bus manufacturers and dealers across the country.

The new facility is the second completely dedicated alternative fuels vehicle conversion facility to be opened by Creative Bus Sales; the first is based in Chino, California. When running at full capacity the new facility will be able to turn out hundreds of conversions each year.

Creative Bus Sales designs, converts and installs dedicated CNG and Propane fuel systems for buses, vans and autos. All CNG and Propane conversions strictly adhere to NFPA 52 standards and Title 13. Creative Bus Sales is the largest commercial bus dealership in the country, offering products from 12 of the largest school bus and commercial bus manufacturers. Creative Bus Sales has multiple locations throughout the United States.