The California Energy Commission has chosen ClipperCreek, EV Connect, and Tom Dowling to upgrade the existing EV infrastructure (approximately 3,000 stations) throughout the state of California. As implementation partner for the $1.9 million project, EV Connect will upgrade legacy chargers throughout California, providing adaptations to accommodate existing electric vehicles, while updating charger stations to the new SAE-J1772 standard of new car models.

In anticipation of new car models entering the market from companies such as Nissan, Coda Automotive, General Motors, Ford and Fisker Automotive, among others, work is slated to start in the fall of 2010 and finish by winter of 2011.

We felt we made a solid offer to the State considering many of the existing units were ones we installed in the 90s. This opportunity allows us to update California’s EV infrastructure with the new standards that accommodate all new EVs coming to market.

—Jason France, CEO of ClipperCreek

ClipperCreek, as its predecessor company, EVI, installed at least half of the existing electric vehicle infrastructure in California. In many cases, this will allow reuse of the existing pedestal to avoid any costly trenching or concrete work. ClipperCreek’s pedestals are designed to the standard infrastructure footprint avoiding costly upgrade work.