By 2020, the emergence of mega super cities in developing economies will affect personal mobility, driving the demand for EVs, according to new a new report analysis from Frost & Sullivan, 360 Degree Perspective of the Global Electric Vehicle Market – 2010 Edition.

The study is an update to an existing study which gave an overview of the EV market, indicate the development in infrastructure, business models, initiatives and consumer research. Further, this study also focuses on key trends such as mega cities, urbanization, mobility trends and car sharing. Study also provides an update to the existing sales forecasts for electric vehicles and also has similar forecasts for electric two wheelers and electric commercial vehicles.

Most offices that are expected to move to the first-belt suburbs and city centers will encompass the shopping areas (small-scale deliveries) and living areas for double/single income, no kids households. In mega cities, offices and homes are likely to be adjacent to each other, creating a favorable environment for EV deployment.

—Frost & Sullivan’s Automotive & Transportation Group Team Leader, Anjan Hemanth Kumar

Rising concerns over greenhouse gases and depleting fossil fuel sources are further solidifying the case for EVs, the report says. Car manufacturers are working on business models that will make available the car and energy under the same roof, opening up a plethora of opportunities for utilities, suppliers and finance businesses.

Associations and close participation among OEMs, battery manufacturers and energy utilities will accelerate the introduction of EVs. Market participants could also collaborate with environmental advocates and lobby for benefits.

360 Degree Perspective of the Global Electric Vehicle Market – 2010 Edition is part of the Automotive & Transportation Growth Partnership Services program, which also includes research in the following markets: 360 Degree Analysis of the European Electric Scooters and Motorcycles Market and Sustainable and Innovative Personal Transport Solutions – Strategic Analysis of Carsharing Market in Europe.