Honda's latest hybrid car, the CR-Z hybrid seems like a nice little car, but whom is going to buy the little two-seat hybrid?

Just two seats?

A unique little hybrid, but…

Like most automakers, Honda could use a little hybrid buzz. Despite a decade in the market, Honda still hasn’t really found its hybrid mojo.

Can a hot little sporty hybrid shake things up a bit?

When I tested the CR-Z hybrid, it was on a small, limited course. Sure it was comfortable and cool, but it’s a sporty hybrid. If you can’t let it rip, at least a little, then what’s the point? So, my experience left me yearning for more.

Anyway, as I was reading AutoWeek’s recent test of the CR-Z hybrid, I couldn’t help but think: 36 mpg. 36 mpg is really pretty good fuel economy for almost any vehicle, but for a small, two-seat sporty hybrid that really isn’t all that sporty according to many early reports?

Bad batteries, poor suspensions, and shoddy interior materials. Those complaints have begun to define Honda’s hybrid cars, and now a 36 mpg tiny hybrid?

Early word suggests that the Honda Fit hybrid will be Honda’s best hybrid offering yet. Sadly, that isn’t necessarily saying much. Seriously, can it get much worse?