VanDyne SuperTurbo, Inc. has signed a contract with Cummins Inc. to develop a VanDyne SuperTurbocharger (earlier post) for a Class 8 truck application using a Cummins engine. The agreement is part of the Super Truck program, a cost-sharing initiative between the Department of Energy (DOE) and the private sector.

Cummins was awarded $39 million under the SuperTruck program to develop more fuel efficient Heavy Duty Class 8 trucks. The goal is to improve vehicle freight efficiency by 50% through advanced and highly efficient engine systems and vehicle technologies that meet prevailing emissions and safety requirements.

The VanDyne SuperTurbocharger combines a turbocharger with its own CVT transmission to increase fuel efficiency and horsepower while reducing CO2 emissions. The SuperTurbocharger offers the low-end torque of a supercharger, higher power than a conventional turbocharger, together with the efficiency gains of turbo-compounding, in one device.

The Super Truck program is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act designed to ensure innovation and technology development in America at both small and large companies.

VanDyne SuperTurbo was spun out of Industrial and Aircraft company Woodward Governor Company in September of 2009.