GoErie.com. GE Transportation and DonJon Shipbuilding and Repair are bidding on a $24-million federal grant for their Hybrid Harbor Tug Project. Another $6 million in funding would come from DonJon and/or GE Transportation.

The grant is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that awards funding to innovative transportation projects.

The diesel/electric-powered tugboat would use 25 percent less fuel and emit up to 35 percent less pollutants than a traditional, diesel-powered tugboat.

In 2008, GE Transportation announced that it would work with the C-MAR Group to demonstrate the

feasibility of a new hybrid tugboat technology. GE provided a packaged hybrid propulsion system that featured its

V228 or V250 medium-speed diesel engines, a generator and a new generation of sodium-based chemistry batteries. (Earlier post.) GE’s V228 or V250 medium-speed diesel engines range in power from 1,400 hp/1,004 kW to 5,685 continuous hp/4,239 kW.