The Porsche Spyder hybrid demonstrates the importance of hybrid technology.

Here the Spyder roar!

Bless the Spyder hybrid.

I know. I know. Computers, cell phones, flat screen TVs. Even cars themselves were once too expensive for the masses. So, we the people owe early adopters a deep debt of gratitude for creating today’s world.

I get it.  If not for early adopters – basically the rich buying the coolest new toys – the world would still be stuck to land lines and calculators, even mom and pop shops. No IPods. No Facebook! It would be like living in a cave for crying-out-loud.

Rich people rule!

Thus you have to love the new Porsche Spyder hybrid. When Edmunds starts creaming their pants over the engine noise of a hybrid, you know you’re on to the next big thing.

“Speakers up!” shouted InsideLine this morning regarding an “awesome” video of the new Porsche Spyder hybrid revving its engine for 15 seconds. If that isn’t the path to mainstream hybridization, I don’t know what is.

You just gotta love those rich people, man. Just gotta. Obama needs to get on this bandwagon. I mean, what happens if we tax these people?

No new toys! No Spyder hybrids for the people, man. Just plug-in Yugos. That’s what it means.

And, you don’t want that. Trust me. And if you still don’t believe me, just watch the Spyder video, but be careful, you just might get caught in the Spyder’s web.