GM’s EN-V concept vehicles (earlier post), performed an autonomous driving demonstration today for the first time outside the SAIC-GM Pavilion at Shanghai’s Expo Park.

Three EN-V models—Miao (Magic), Jiao (Pride) and Xiao (Laugh)—demonstrated their capability both with and without occupants on a closed driving course complete with curved and straight roads. They showcased their ability to react quickly to unforeseen obstacles and changes in driving conditions, as well as their great maneuverability and agility empowered by dynamic stabilization technology.

GM engineers also demonstrated how EN-V can help users stay connected to their “social networks” while on the go. The combination of wireless communication, the Global Positioning System, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and vehicle-based sensors enables these connectivity technologies in EN-V.

The EN-V vehicles are powered by a 3.2 kWh Li-ion phosphate battery pack and an 18 kW motor. Range is estimated to be 40 km (25 miles).