America needs more revenue to save our roads and reduce auto maintenance. And as we become more fuel efficient, we might need even higher taxes.

The future of American transportation

The road to America’s future

America’s roadway infrastructure is falling apart, and the hottest new solution to this problem and the insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund is — drum roll please — gravel. All over America communities are tearing up dilapidated old roads and repaving them with gravel.

Anything to save money, right? Except that poor road maintenance can lead to much higher auto maintenance costs. So, either way, we’re still going to pay.

“Poor road conditions cost U.S. drivers $67 billion annually, an average of $335 per motorist” notes KickingTires this morning, and this problem is only getting worse by the minute.

Yet, the federal gas tax has not budged since 1993, although road maintenance costs have increased significantly since then.

Even worse, while new CAFE credits are supposed to save drivers money via gasoline pump savings, increased fuel efficiency will mean even less gas tax revenues, quickly excerbating this problem. Thus saving money at the pump might cost more than just continuing to gas guzzle, at least up front.


So, if there is no such thing as a free lunch, how is this problem to be resolved?

Perhaps, instead of increasing CAFE requirements, we should instead embrace cheap gas-guzzling as never before. Besides we’re already well positioned in the Gulf, and the world already believes America is just a bunch of imperialist, capitalist pigs. So, let’s be just that.  Bomb the Middle East, including Israel. How much simpler would that alone make the world? Besides, I doubt a little radioactivity will hurt those oil supplies.

Likewise, Hugo Chavez? Hello? Let’s make his dream come true and assassinate him, along with anyone else within a 100 mile radius of his last known location.

It’s time to either embrace imperialism, or to rethink our ways. F everybody else if they won’t play along. We have the weapons. Screw detente and lets make use of our tax-funded nuclear investment. We might not have unlimited nuclear energy in America, but we certainly have plenty of nuclear power!

No. Electrification will save us!

Unfortunately, higher CAFE credits and plug-in vehicles are going to offer America little hope of fixing this taxing problem. In fact, they are only going to make the problem worse, as much more tax revenue will be required to replace ever declining gas tax revenues and cover the costs of all the plug-in tax credits, grants and loans – not to mention additional EV infrastructure. TINSTAAFL!

Besides if the goal is more fuel efficient vehicles and plug-in vehicles, higher gas taxes — to pay for road maintenance — are the most efficient way of achieving such fuel efficient change. CAFE and plug-in tax credits, on the other hand, are distractions from reality and opportunities for political graft and pork.

America needs a new vision for tomorrow, a comprehensive, transparent and HONEST vision because today’s path is just a dirt road to even greater problems. Isn’t it time we pull our heads out of the sand and get real?