Americans either foolish or just plain ignorant when it comes to energy savings.

At least pick cans over bottles

Americans ignorant or lazy on energy?

Favorite American ways to save energy according to a new study: turning off lights, driving slower on the highway, unplugging cellphone chargers when not in use, and choosing glass over aluminum.

Thanks for just less than nothing.

On the other hand, in just less than a decade switching from central air to window units, buying a high mileage car and choosing canned beer instead of bottles could a have a significant impact on US energy consumption.

A lot of interesting ideas presented in this study via Green Car Congress, but one point that really caught my attention: “contrary to popular perception, modest mileage improvements to very low-mileage vehicles will save far more gasoline than inventing vehicles that get astronomically high mileage.”

Excuses. Is that the fundamental characteristic of Americans? Of American corporations?

I’m not going to buy a hybrid because I’ll only buy a plug-in since hybrid cars are only an interim technology.

Yet, if all Americans were buying hybrids today it would have massive impact on US energy consumption. If not hybrids, then diesels and Ecoboosts, for instance. But we don’t have to wait until there are plug-ins for all American consumers before massive, effective change can be achieved.

But, hey, if we just keep shutting the lights off faster and faster, the darkness can at least hide reality I guess.

Nevertheless, might it be easier to achieve change in America than is believed? Can education change American energy habits, or is this study simply proof that Americans are just plain lazy?