Dispatch Control – completely FREE freight matching load board with unlimited posting and searching providing community members with information about available real time expedited freight, TL and  LTL  loads & trucks in North America and Canada. Our web solution is a fully automated, online dispatch system is available for free.

This easy to use transportation management system requires only an Internet connection and minimal startup set up. There’s no need to fill company data, it’s automatically imported from your MS or DOT numbers. No expensive hardware or software to purchase or upgrade.

Give your customer’s access to the information they need directly from your own sub-website. Using our interface, you can allow your customers to enter their shipments, track them through to completion.

Our system has many commercial grade features available to users at no cost. You can post your available loads to our real time free board  and thousands of qualified trucking companies looking for freight will call you directly or you can just see request made about your load in your dashboard and make decision about the winner based on the credit score, feedback and previous history with the carrier. Receive multiple request and see them all in one place.  All those great features to request loads and trucks, post available freight are available free to freight brokers, freight forwarders, owner operators, individuals, manufacturers, logistics companies and other truck freight companies.

You do not have to pay any money to get your free account to Dispatch Control.  You have to be valid transportation company with authority to be able to use our system to insure data integrity and to avoid anonymous spam posting and potentially fraudulent activity.

Get started today with our system for free.