• Track your entire fleet with ease
  • Keep your service records organized
  • Stay on top of maintenance with reminders
  • Upload files and keep track of your vehicle’s history
  • Track inspections and accidents to stay informed

Start using My garage and get a number of benefits

Manage Your Fleet with My Garage

My Garage allows you to add your entire fleet of vehicles, providing you with a centralized platform to keep track of every detail. From cars and trucks to motorcycles and more, you can effortlessly catalog all your vehicles in one place. No more sifting through paperwork or relying on your memory.

Service History at Your Fingertips

With My Garage, you can maintain a complete service history for each vehicle in your fleet. Record every maintenance task, oil change, tire rotation, or repair job. This invaluable feature helps you keep track of your vehicles’ health, ensuring they remain in excellent condition.

Service Reminders

Never miss another service appointment. My Garage enables you to set up service reminders for each vehicle. The system will send you timely notifications when it’s time for scheduled maintenance or inspections, ensuring your fleet stays roadworthy.

File Management

In My Garage, you can upload and download files related to your vehicles. Whether it’s insurance documents, manuals, or photos, you can easily access and organize essential files for each vehicle. No more digging through a pile of paperwork; everything is conveniently stored in one place.

Frequently asked questions

In order to start using My garage, it is enough to create an account on After registering, you can immediately start using My garage, it will be available in the left navigation menu.

In order to add a vehicle to My Garage, you need to go to the Vehicles section in the left menu and click on the +Add new vehicle button. The form for creating a vehicle will open, you need to fill in the necessary fields of the form and click the Save button, after which your vehicle will appear in the list of vehicles.

In order to add a Service record for a vehicle, you need to click on the Add maintenance button in the Maintenance section or click on the Add record button in the Vehicle Services tab, the form for adding a service record will open

In order to create a reminder about the need for vehicle maintenance, you need to go to theĀ  Reminder tab on the vehicle and click on the Add reminder button, a modal window for creating a reminder will open, you need to specify the date of the reminder, select the service type for which the reminder will be created, and if necessary, in order for this reminder to be repeated automatically, you need to turn ON the Recurring item and specify the interval at which the reminder will be repeated. After setting the reminder, you will receive a reminder to your email address.

Yes, you can easily download the necessary files related to a specific vehicle or record service. If there is a need to upload a file to the vehicle, click on the vehicle field and go to the Files tab, then click on the Upload button and select the required file. If you need to upload a file for the added service record, go to the Maintenance section in the left menu, click on the desired maintenance and go to the tab Files, then click on the Upload button and select the required file.