BMW Vision EfficientDynamics i8 Caught Winter Testing

One the members over at the high-end car forum TeamSpeed snapped some photos of BMW's upcoming i8 (better known as the Vision EfficientDynamics hybrid) which the company presented on its website as a “near production-ready vehicle“.  That's usually PR-speak for “we'll build it if you order 20,000 units”, but – from these pictures – BMW wasn't bluffing, and the i8 is undergoing what is typically one of the final phases of testing before a new car is released to the public. BMW has also publicly stated that the i8 is destined for production, so BMW seems serious about this funky concept. The i8 will be one of the cornerstone vehicles of BMW's new “i” sub-brand, which will be devoted to fuel efficient and alt-fuel vehicles.

The i8 is expected to take its driver 100 km on just 3.76 liters of fuel, which works out to just over 62 mpg from the slinky, radically-styled hybrid.

ts_i81 ts_i82 ts_i83 ts_i84


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