As Saudi Arabia turns: The gas price story gets interesting tomorrow

On the fence regarding the purchase of hybrid car because you don't know where gas prices are headed? Tomorrow's day of rage and Saudi Arabia could be a telling sign.

Prepping for the Day of Rage Tomorrow

Gas prices set to become even more supportive of a hybrid purchase?

Wondering where gas prices are going? Tomorrow could shed some serious light on that subject as the planned ‘day for rage' protest is set to hit Saudi Arabia.

While many thought Saudi Arabia would avert the unrest seen in other Middle Eastern countries, today's Saudi Arabian protests, however, suggest that all might not be calm on the Arabian Peninsula tomorrow.

According to various reports coming out of Saudi Arabia, protesters today were fired upon by the Saudi government. Fortunately, early reports also indicate that less than lethal force was used. Still, the shots and protests could inspire an even greater turnout for tomorrow's much better planned protests. And right now, the markets are spooked.

If Saudi Arabia gets a little ugly tomorrow, oil prices are certain to test new levels not seen since 2008, and that will mean another significant uptick in gas prices. Of course, if the protests are tempered and peaceful, the oil bubble could burst.

If you're on the fence regarding a hybrid purchase, tomorrow could be a telling day.

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