No Subaru hybrid until late 2013

The Subaru Tourer hybrid concept or any other Subaru hybrid won't hit consumer until at least late 2013, when Subaru plans to launch its first hybrid as a 2014 model.

The Subaru Tourer hybrid concept

Bigger cars the interim focus

While hybrid cars and Subaru seem a marriage made in heaven, the car angels won't bestow such a gift upon Subaru fans until late 2013 according to the latest Subaru plans.

Instead, in a bit of irony, Subaru will focus on making its vehicles bigger based upon input from Subaru consumers, although Subaru will balance this upsizing by offering downsized engines to improve fuel economy.

Consequently, the first Subaru hybrid will be a 2014 model.

For years now hybrid rumors have swirled around Subaru, largely driven by Subaru's relationship to Toyota. Apparently, industry-leading fuel economy numbers mean little towards maintaining Subaru's green image.

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