GE to Host EV Experience Tour

General Electric will be hosting a seven-city Electric Vehicle Experience Tour that will bring automakers together in order to educate the public on the technology and operation of plug-in and pure electric vehicles.

Supporting the electric vehicle market, GE has already arranged to purchase 25,000 electric vehicles by 2015 for its own fleet as well as for fleet customers. By hosting the Experience Tour, GE hopes to help these businesses acknowledge and understand the various technical and business approaches possible for the successful production and sale of these vehicles. The goal is to show more and more US communities the advantages of using plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles as well as help them become more engaged in their growth. GE is staking a lot of money on EV acceptance, including building hybrid buses and investing in a charging infrastructure. They are poised to become a big player in the electrified vehicle market….as long as consumers get on board too.

According to Clarence Nunn, President and CEO of GE Capital Fleet Services, “Each of our tour stops will give participants first-hand exposure to the technical and business considerations for EV deployment and put them on a path toward adoption.” Each stop within the seven cities will last a full day, which will include presentations by GE and community leaders along with workshops that will help companies with integration strategies, electric vehicle planning and deployment, as well as test drives.

The dates and locations of the tour are as follows: San Francisco, CA March 10th, Seattle, WA March 15th, Los Angeles, CA March 17th, San Diego, CA March 22nd.  GE also plans to announce more tour dates for Spring 2011 in New York, NY, Washington, DC and Austin, Texas

Source: GE

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