International Battery and Hydro-Québec to collaborate on water-based manufacturing processes for Li-ion batteries

International Battery, a US manufacturer, designer and developer of large-format Lithium-ion rechargeable cells, batteries and energy storage systems (ESS), has entered into a collaboration and license agreement with Hydro-Québec with the purpose to further develop water-based manufacturing processes of Lithium-ion batteries.

Hydro-Québec is a leader in advanced Lithium and Lithium-ion battery research and has a strong intellectual property (IP) position for aqueous electrode technology. As early as 1996, Hydro-Québec started working on water-based manufacturing processes for Lithium-ion batteries.

Since 2008, International Battery, in its plant in Allentown, has extended the manufacturing properties of the water-based process and has successfully produced large-format prismatic Lithium-ion battery cells for a variety of applications using this method. International Battery says it is the first company in North America to produce commercial Lithium-ion products using a water-based manufacturing process.

Both companies believe that there are significant environmental advantages by using a water-based process in the manufacture of Lithium-ion cells as well as a reduction in manufacturing costs.

As part of the joint collaboration, the companies plan to expand water-based manufacturing processes for additional lithium chemistries.

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