Americans support higher CAFE requirements – in 2025

A new study suggests Americans support new CAFE requirements for 60 mpg by 2025. Why isn't energy independence a national priority?

Americans want higher CAFE requirements - in 2025

Always willing to change, tomorrow

A new survey suggests that most “average” Americans support new CAFE requirements for 2025. According to the Consumer Federation of America, “70 percent of Americans surveyed said they would support a 60-mile-per-gallon fuel economy standard by 2025.”

2025? Does any American take anything about 2025 seriously?

While I'm happy to see that Americans are open-minded about the need for greater fuel economy in the future, does a survey regarding what should be done in 2025 – 15 years from now – have any relevance?

Aren't Americans always about tomorrow? Tomorrow we'll go on a diet, start exercising, stop smoking. Today's always the last day of our bad habits. Yet, tomorrow never seems to come. Successful people always claim change begins immediately. Thus, isn't 2025 simply beyond the scope of most Americans?

Anyway, according to the survey, the average American family is going to spend the same amount of money on gasoline costs as healthcare costs.

If true, why is healthcare such an important political issue, while energy independence is not?

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