SAE International releases 2nd edition of book on hybrid vehicle design

SAE international has released a second edition of the book Hybrid Powered Vehicles, intended to provide executives and decision-makers with the necessary information for making the best choices pertaining to hybrid vehicle engineering.

With more than 20 different hybrid cars available on the market, and with several high profile plug-in hybrids coming out now or within the next year, innovation and development of hybrid vehicles is continuing at an ever-growing pace. The increasing drive to market hybrid vehicles has led to a very competitive market, where continual improvements to hybrid powertrains are necessary for the success of a hybrid platform.

Also, other commercialized alternative fuel technologies, including diesels, fuel cells, electric vehicles, and high efficiency gasoline cars are providing additional competition to the market. Engineering of vehicles will be the differentiator for consumers.

This second edition expands upon the details of the first book by detailing the major developments in the hybrid engineering world that have gained market share and traction. In addition, author John German reviews the development history of hybrid vehicles while highlighting the cycles of fuel availability, fuel economy, and concern for environmental issues. The book covers a diverse number of topics in hybrid vehicle design, such as:

  • The current state of hybrid technology development
  • Reducing the cost of hybrid technology implementation
  • Possible future enhancements of hybrid technology
  • The different engineering approaches of various hybrid vehicle manufactures
  • Market factors influencing mainstream customer acceptance of new hybrid technologies
  • Plug-in-hybrid vehicle (PHEV) technology and market acceptance

The book, which can be pre-ordered now through the SAE International website, is available in both paperback and ebook formats, the latter available in both complete book or by chapter downloads, available in a suite of formats that are also saved in a personalized elibrary hosted by SAE International.

John M. German is a Senior Fellow and Program Director for the International Council for Clean Transportation (ICCT), with primary responsibility for technology innovation and United States policy development. German has been involved with advanced vehicle efficiency systems since he joined Chrysler in 1976. He also spent 13 years doing research for the EPA’s Office of Mobile Sources Laboratory. Here, German wrote a multitude of standards. Prior to joining the ICCT, German spent 11 years as Manager of Environmental and Energy Analyses for American Honda Motor Company.

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