TA Petro Director to Participate in Open Conference Call

With over 165 locations, TA/Petro Travel Centers is one of the most important assets that drivers have while on the road.Providing fuel, food and other necessary hospitality services, TA and Petro has worked tirelessly to make their locations driver friendly through recent updates, renovations and the introduction of new and improved services. Not only do they work with large carriers to improve services, they continuously listen to input from drivers and encourage those drivers to provide valuable feedback so that more improvements can be made.

On Tuesday March 22, 2011, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm Eastern Time, Mr Mike Yager, Director of Operations from TA Petro Travel Centers, will be participating in an All Drivers Together conference call to discuss the recent updates and future plans for their locations. During this call, Mr Yager will also take questions and address concerns from drivers. He is interested in hearing constructive criticisms, real world issues and possible solutions from a drivers point of view.

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